Slumber Party – Fancy


This Fancy Slumber Party Package is perfect for kids aged 3+ for indoor birthday parties, special play dates, family reunions etc. It includes overnight hire of:

Set up/styling, takedown and laundering of linen

TeePee Tent

Twin air mattresses

Fitted bedsheet, mattress cover and blanket (No pillow)

Decorative cushions x 2

Plush toy

Breakfast table with placemat and lantern

Fairy Lights on the sides and inside the teepee tent

Bunting or feather boas or garland

Name tag

Lighting effects

The $5 discounted prices for this Fancy Package are:

2 x Guests = $140 discounted price $130

3 x Guests = $210 discounted price $195

4 x Guest =$280 discounted price $260

THEMES currently available:

Christmas | Unicorns | Gaming | Super Heros | Twinkle Star | Rainbows

Coming soon: Purplicious


Hiring Charges

The cost includes styling and collection the following day. Delivery will be charged at check out, cost will depend on your location.

The rental is for 1 night however more nights can be arranged prior to the event date.

This equipment is strictly for indoor purposes

We do everything possible to ensure set up and collection is at agreed upon time. Please know delays do happen, However we promise to communicate with you and be there as soon as we can!

All prices are subject to change. Prices quoted at time of booking will be honored.

Setup and space

We expect the client to be available during setup and collection of equipment.

The client is responsible for making sure that there is enough space for the tents/mattresses reserved. The mattress is approximately 50″ x 75″

Prior to our arrival the client will prepare a space that is free of furniture and clean (dirt & dust free) We are not responsible for the removal or moving of furniture.

The client is responsible for all the equipment while in their care

Damage to equipment

Your card on file will be charged to any missing or damaged equipment i.e. stains to the beddings, cushions, blankets and teepee tents

The cost to replace damaged, stained or missing items are as indicated bellow:

Air Mattress $12

Teepee tent $40

Blanket $12

Cushion $ 6

Stains that cannot be removed on sheets $18

Stains that cannot be removed on mattress protector $15

Fairy light $10

Garland $10

Projector light $25

Bed Tray $20

Stuffed toy $20

To avoid replacements please do not allow children to have drinks and food inside the tent.

Nail polish should be dry and makeup should be removed before getting into bed.

Please do not smoke in or around the tent as this is a fire hazard which is not safe for the children. Also to prevent the smoke odor on the equipment. If found we will charge an extra fee for professional cleaning.

Kindly keep pets away from the equipment at all times


Adult supervision is required at all times during the event. The client is responsible for the care and safety of the children at all times.

BabyQuip is not responsible for the supervision of the children and will not be responsible for injuries to a child during the event

BabyQuip is not responsible to damage to the clients home or property while in possession of our equipment

The client is responsible to inform their guests of our terms and conditions


We’ve researched and tested all kinds of cleaning items and techniques to find out what is best for little ones. We use only natural, non-toxic, cleaning products that are tough on dirt and stains, but safe for your baby.